Religious educational conferences are being held on district, regional and provincial levels. These conferences serve as short term training camps and are useful to momeneen of all ages and all strata of society. They boost greatly educational activities and love for education in students and teachers of makatib also.

Such a galaxy of scholars, intellectuals, poets having deep insight is possible but on the venues of these conference. To convey message of religious to the community, students of maktabs present educational programmes which demonstrate their academic progress and the services rendered by teachers as well.

During last years the educational demonstrations have improved a lot. Standard demonstrations have been seen. You can also get their Video-Audio Cassettes and CDs.

These conferences are not held at any fixed or permanent place but their venues are changed from time to time, so that more and more localities and more number os Shias may benefit. During 2009 to 2012 they were held at Memon Sadat, Bijnore, Karbala, Civil Lines, Barabanki, Islam ka Chowk, Jaunpur, Mohri Gursaee, Punch, Surankot punch, Imam Bargab Punch, Chattargam Badgam, Hanjivira Baramula, Ma,mooh Baramula, Balhama Sri Nagar Sanjak Kargil, Sankoo Kargil, Gango Pulgawa, Noor Khah Ori Baramula, Big Ali Pur Vailoor, Qaiserbagh Hall Dogri Mumbai, Karbala Complex Jammi, Husainabad Gursaee Punch, Gund Mangalpur Kargil, Qaziyara Sitapur, Halakhah Islamabad, Inderkot Bandipura, Ranipura Badgam, Timbus Kargil, Nooripura Baramula, Dhani saida Uri Baramula, Jan Maholla Lal Bazar Sri nagar, Shakar kargil, narkul Beriya 24 Parganas, Sharnia 24 Parganas, Kotwali Bijnour, Porey Basti Sultanpur, Wangam Devsar, Anantnag, Nolri Baramula, Gulshan Mohalla Shalimar Sri Nagar, Mandi Punch, Surankot Punch, Medar Punch, Cholan Ori Baramula, Chittan Kargil, Meet Khor Traspon Kargil, Higam Baramula, Sona Baran Bandi Pura, Paras Badgam. At some places the programme was held many times. The expenditure on conferences are gorne by the organization and the local hosts together, local hosts bear expenses on lodging for fooding and Conference hall, rest is born by the organization.