Training Camp for Women

With the collaboration of teachers and alumni of Jamatuz Zahra these camps for religious training of women are managed.

Important and needful subjects like Aquaid, Akhlaq, History, Seerat, Ahkaam, Tajveed and Tilawat are the part of syllabus of the camps.

The training period is from one to one and a half months.

During 2011 to 2016, 64 women attended such camps while 58 of them were successful.


S.No. Subject  Books
1. Quranics Tajweed-e-Balighan, Summary of  Hilyatul Quran, Tilawat-e- Quran (21Rozah), Ravish-e- Tadrees-e- Tilawat-e-Quran
2. Beliefs Deeniyat Baligham Vol I  or selection of   Usul-e- Aqaed.
3. Practice (Commandments) Taleem-e-Ahkam
4. History and Seerat Summary of Tareekh-e-Islam Vol 1,2
5. Amali Masael Adab-e-Ma’shirat
6. Amali Masael Fehrist Amali Masael
Supplications Tarjema Taqeebat-e-Namaz, And Ziyarat Translation of Namaz verses, Raej Sureh, Supplications for prostration, Various Ziyarats (Selected from Mafateehul Jinan)