To accomplish the following in order to attend to the community’s religious, educational and cultural needs and to lead it on the path of success both here and hereafter with religious awakening:
(1)Maktabs, Madrasas & Schools.
• Maktabs for children.
• Maktabs and madrasas for youth.
• Maktabs and madrasas for girls.
• Combined mobile maktab for sparsely populated villages.
• To established combined schools and Maktabs for religious and Contemporary general educational at one place.
(2) To publish theology readers, religious magazines and books in different languages.
(3) To make arrangements for training of male and female teachers.
(4) To make preachers and prayer-leaders (Pesh-namaz) harmonize with the demands of modern era through refresher courses.
(5) To establish colleges for higher religious education to strengthen religious educational movement and to provide the services of Pesh-namaz, scholars, preachers and teachers to the country as per need.
(6) To undertake the following services to convey the message of Islam to each and every member of the community:
• Short term training camps (for youth and women) correspondence course.
• To introduce religious educational in schools and colleges.
• To set up small reading rooms or to help to set up them.
• To arrange tours for propagation and holding of conferences.
• To provide preachers to the deprived localities during Moharram and Ramadhan.
(7) To arrange medical treatments of the poor, particularly to those in religious such as teachers of Makatib to possible extent.
(8) To provide resources of education to the children deprived of it.
(9) To help the members of the community to discharge their religious responsibilities.
(10) To help deserving person and to deliver the religious (Sharaie) money to deserving ones.
By Lord’s grace and with the co-operation of the community, the services of the organization are continuous on rise. Its work can be divided under the following sections:
(1) Basic religious education (Maktab)
(2) Primary general education (School)
(3) Higher religious education (Jamea)
(4) Publication
(5) Multifaceted services (Cultural, financial, propagational, Hygiene and medical etc.)