The Founder of the Tanzeem had thousands of colleagues of all age gorund within the country and aboard. It is not possible to make a mention about them all in this report but I would like to write about those who were always with him and strengthened the institution and put it will not be possible to give a complete account of the progress of the institution without mentioning them.

First of all we will talk about those who are no more in this world now and the institution has lost their patronage and services. Among them the fast name is of Zafarul Millat late Maulana Seyd Zafarul Hasan Sahib Qibla under whose patronage and with whose support,the Founder of the institution got strength.

At the time of formation of Tanzeemul Makatib, there was none who could be considered most suitable with an exalted personality and who could serve as a shady tree for the institution except Maulana Zafrul  Millat . He was, therefore , found most suitable by the Founder for the post of presidentship which he accepted despite his awfully busy life. He held this post till he breathed last. It was very sad that this glittering sun of learning set in during 1982 and the institution was deprived of his patronage.

After passing away of Maulana Zafarul Millat,the responsibility of presidentship was taken over by Iftikharul ulema late Maulana Saadat Husain Khan (PBUH) who was till then vice-president. He was a member of the Managing Committee and was one of the old colleagues of the Founder of the Tanzeem. He experienced great difficulties in moving about due to his heart ailment and rheumatism and therefore, could not share the hard labour with the Founder but he had full affection with the institution. On account of his indifferent health,he relinquished the post of presidentship and offered it to Allama Jawadi Sahab.He,however,kept his sincere relations with the institution alive and continued to remain its member for the whole life.

Ziaul Millat late Maulana Syed Wasi Mohd. (PBHU) was one of the prominent colleagues and was a man of qualities. His sincere help was always available to the institution. He had made and supervised all arrangements pertaining to All India Deeni Taleemi Conerence  at Faizabad. The Founder had included him in the managing committee as a founder member.

Late Maulana Sheikh Mohammad Haider Sahab Qibla (PBUH) was one of the intimate colleagues of the Founder but alas he is no more with us. For some time he Served the institution   in the capacity of an inspector. He remained attached with the institution as a teacher and pesh-imam

Late Maulana Sheikh Mohammad Ismail Rajabi Saheb Qibla (PBUH),pesh-imam Masjid Iranian,Bombay  was an active personality. The institution enjoyed his full support. He had great affection for and firm belief in in the Founder. He was a member of the managing committee. In Bombay his efforts and struggles proved to be the blessings of Allah for the institution.