On the 11th Zeeqadah 1403 A.H., the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of Imam Raza (A.S.), Jamea Imamiya Tanzeemul Makatib was established for higher religious education of the boys. At present there are 91 students and 16 teachers in it.

For the current session, 20 new boys were admitted.

Admission is granted after an enterance test for the boys who have qualification of at least class five of maktab.

Till now 159 boys of Jamea have gone to the Hauza-e-Ilmiya, Qum for higher education.

During 2011 to 2016, 13 students of the Jamea have been granted admission to the Hauza-e-Ilmiya, Najaf.

12 (Twelve) students are studying in Hauza-e-Ilmiya, Saiyadah Zainab, Damascus.

The Course is taught in 8 years in such a way that one after its completion can fulfil religious needs of the community members. Currently 174 Jamea alumni are serving religious cause as Pesh-Namaz, Jamea teachers, or preachers. Till date 92 students have already obtained Muballigh Degree & 146 students ‘Fazil’ Degree.

The articles, essays and poems, penned by the students of Jamea are published in religious magazines of the country. The students publish themselves their own magazine, ‘Al-Muballigh’. They themselves undertake all the works concerned with the magazine right from compiling to publishing.

During the period 2011 to 2016, total expenditure incurred on Jamea Imamia was Rs. 10916913.15 while in 2016, a sum of Rs. 2262114.39 was spent.

Darul Quran-il-Kareem

(A section of Jamea Imamia)

The Section of Recitation and Memorizing (Hifz-i-Quran) has been working since first Rajab 1415 A.H. It is the first step in the history of Indian madrasas. 5 students have since memorized. At the present 90 students are enrolled in Qaranic Recitation class with one teacher attached to the department. We have adjusted it in such a way that boys may continue simultaneously their education.

The section faces slow pace that would be removed when we get some trainer from among the Qum scholars.

Library (Jamea Imamia)

There is a library housed in Jamea Imamiya building to cater to the needs of its’ students, teachers and preachers. Started with only a few books, it now by His Grace, has 8500 books in 6 languages.

The library has a significant collection of books on Quranic studies, History, Hadith (Tradition), Islamic beliefs and Jurisprudence, Kalam, Rijal, Logic, Ethics, Sociology, Political Science, Economics and other important subjects.

The Library has significant hand-written manuscripts also besides published books.

Newspapers and academic, literary, informative and religious journals and magazines in different languages are procured for awareness of current affairs, modern learning, scientific discoveries and political situation of the world.

The reading room has been formally organized in the library itself. It is open for the readers from 8.00 A.M to 10.00A.M., from 2.00 to 4.00 P.M. and from 10.00 to 11.00 P.M.

There is facility of issuing books as per rule and regulations.

Incentive prizes are given every year to 3 students utilizing most the reading room on the recommendation of the Librarian.

Computer Education

1.            Computer Education and training was started in the Jamea since July 1996. Computer education is compulsory for all the students so that boys after the completion of the course may take benefit from the means of communication and propagation of their time and propagate their religion. Boys from ‘Third’ (Salisa) class to class Fazil are benefiting from it. At present, we have 10 computers.




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