Jamea-tuz-Zahra has been established on the 20th of Jamadussani 1410A .H in accordance with Tanzeem founder’s dream.

The Jamea’s three-story building on 7000 Sq. feet plot exists at Zahra colony, Muftiganj, Lucknow. But to agony of the time, the person whom the managing committee appointed its manager took its possession as if he became its owner. Even after given written promise to hand over charge on being dismissed by the managing committee, he went to the court. On his (final) adieu from the world, his wife who was appointed as Principle has petitioned in the court for succession for her and her children. Authorities of the organization, though gave reply in the court, but instead of going to the court, having expressed confidence in the Wilayat-e-Faqeeh in commitment to the Islamic system, have brought its case to the system in December 2009 and did not allow themselves to be disappointed because of the confidence that ‘there may be delay but not the doom’.

The teaching is continued since 20th Jamadussani 1415 A.H. At the times when the petition was made claiming it as a personal property, there were 131 girl students on the roll. Avoiding a confrontation, the teaching has been started on 21st October 2009 in a portion of the organization’s building situated at Golaganj, Admission has been given to 218 girl-students. At present, there are 97 she students in five classes. Special Features of Jameatuz Zahra Complete observation of veil besides other religious rules and commandments. Only Mahram among relatives can meet the girl students in the Jamea. For it, visiting cards with photo are issued with signature of the manager.There is arrangement of books for study by the she-students. Besides the subjects of the course i.e. Akham, Fiqh, Principle of Fiqh, Tafseer, History, Seerat, Aqaid, Logic, Philosophy, Hadith, Usul-e- Hadith, Ethics and contemporary languages, training is given in home science (cooking, sewing, knitting, & embroidery etc.) as well as in leading a collective/social life in the light of religious commandments. A sum of Rs.6184298.89 has been spent on education, lodging and boarding of the Jamia students during the period from 20011 to 2016.

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