How to join the caravan of Tanzeem

Tanzeem-ul-Makatib is a peoples’ organization, nobody’s inheritance or property, neither depends upon any person or organization for help. It has no trust or property, nor does it receive any aid from Government. It has no permanent source of income. It is run with the help, support from momineen like you.You may  join this caravan of education through following ways:-

Please become a general member by giving Rs. 100.00 annually.

Please become a life member by contributing Rs. 2000/- in lump sum or by giving Rs. 200/- annually, you may become a life member.

Please become a member of Tanzeemul Makatib Urdu Magazine, by contributing the annual donation amount, Rs. 250/- annually  or by giving Rs.1000/- (the contribution of 4 years) to get it for 5 years.

Please become a member of Tanzeemul Makatib Hindi Magazine, by contributing the annual donation amount Rs. 250 or by giving Rs. 1000/- (the contribution of 4 years) to get it for 5  years.

Please make your acquaintances members of the Tanzeem.Khums, Zakat, Fitra, Sadqa and hides of animals of sacrifice may  please be sent to the organization.

Please send a lump sum for Isaal-e-Sawab of your deceased ones or send it annually. These amounts are fixed with the bank and the profit earned from it is spent on education.Please pay expenses incurred on a teacher (Rs. 1300/- to 3100/- monthly).

Please pay the expenses of a peshnamaz teacher (Rs. 3300/- to Rs.  7400/-  per month)

Please pay Aid of a Maktab from Rs.600/- to (Rs 40000/- Per  month)

Please pay expenses on a teacher of Jamea (Rs. 5000/- to Rs.  11000/- per month)

Please pay expenses on a student of Jamea Imamiya (Rs. 2000/-  per month)Please get a maktab’s building constructed in a locality. (at least Rs. 250000/-)Please arrange to distribute a religious booklet or a book for Isaal-e-Sawab of Marhoomeen (Minimum Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 750000/-)Please donate expenses on publication of a book (minimum Rs.40000/-)Please share the expenses incurred on a deserving poor or deceased teacher and his family (minimum Rs. 500/-)Please keep aside a small box in your house and deposit the amount of Sadqa for you, your children along with that of Imam-    e-Asr(A.F.). Please send it monthly to the office.Income Tax paying brothers in Iman may get exemption under Sec. 80G on donations to the organization.The organization has got permission from holy maraje to use Sahme Imam (A.F.)Ijaza (Permission) granted byMarajai KaramTanzeem has proper means and utilizes “Sharaee” (religious) amount such as zakat, fitra, sadqa, Imam-Zamin, Kaffaras and value of hides of Qurbani and Aqiqa. It has the permission to receive khums (Sahm-e-Imam and Sahm-e-Sadat) from India and foreign countries and to use it from the following Marja-i-Karam and some others: –Ayatullah Uzma Aqai Syed Ali AL Husaini Seestani  Modazillaho.Ayatullah Uzma Aqai Syed Ali Khamenaie Modazillaho.Ayatullah Uzma Aqai Nasir Makarim Sheerazi  Modazillaho.Ayatullah Uzma Aqai Saeed al Hakeem  Modazillaho.Ayatullah Uzma Aqai Basheer an Najafi Modazillaho.Ayatullah Uzma Aqai Kazim al Husaini al Hairi  Modazillaho.Ayatullah Uzma Aqai Jafar Sub-hani  Modazillaho.
Exemption from Income TaxThe donations and aid given to the Tanzeem are exempted from Income Tax (under Sec 80G of I.T. Act) as per order of Income Tax commissioner. So please get benefit from the facility given by the government, You may have the detail from your charted accountant.Anyone may demand copy of the order of the income Tax Commissioner, if needed.FCRA RegistrationThe Organization has permission of Govt. of India to receive foreign donations. We have a separate account for this purpose. These are spent according to the wishes of donor under the law of the country.Foreign AccountIndian overseas Bank, Golaganj, Lucknow: 099501000032104.

Note:- Those Transferring money to our bank accounts are requested to intimate us through phone or E-mail.Phone: +91-8799502828, 0522-4080918, WhatsApp: +91-8090065982E-mail: