The madrasa for Bengali speaking student was inaugurated at 24 pargana, the founder of Tanzeem Maulana Syed Ghulam Askari Saheb(t.s) to produce preachers and teachers, speaking and writing in Bengali. Choosing talented and intelligent student, we give them education with full facilities of loading and boarding free of any charge and send them to Jamea & Houza-e-Ilmia,Qum The Madarsa could not be given form of a Jamea for want of manpower but many students have reached, to Jameas & Hauza-e-Ilmia, Qum after completion of studies there. The building on 2200 Sq. ft. has been constructed. Still more construction is required Number of students has been increased with provision of 2-tier beds. The number of classes can be increased if more accommodation is available. This school should be elevated at least up to high school level. There is arrangement of full basic religious education of Maktab level along with primary level school education The meritorious students completing education here and obtaining 60% in class V are got admitted to the outside schools and provided boarding and loading and their religious educations is also continued. At present there are 30 students studying there while 43 students have since completed the Course. There are 5 teachers.

Madarsa Askariya BengalMadarsa Askariya Bengal