What is Madarsa-e-Naunihalaan ?

Junior Level Religious Education

Madarsa-e-Naunihalan has been established to provide Religious Education to the students of Class VI to IX of schools. A Syllabus has been designed to continue the religious education up to high school after completion of MAKTAB EDUCATION. It Consists of Islamic belief, Islamic Commandments, Islamic History(Tareekh) , Islamic Morals and Urdu Language. The Syllabus Includes These Books :

  • Deeni Ahkaam Vol. I & Vol. II (Published By Organisation)

  • Aqaed Aur Faraez (Published by the organization)

  • Maqalat-e-Khateeb-e-Aazam Vol. I to Vol. IV (Published By Organisation)

  • Adaab-e-Muasherat (Published By Organisation)

  • Tareekh-e-Islam (Ahed-e-Risalat Wa Imamat)

  • Zimmedari Ka Pahla Din

Managers and teachers of a Madarsa must go through these rules and regulations before applying for affiliation.

Conditions for Affiliation :

  • Madaris are liable to follow all directives issued by Tanzeemul Madaris.

  • The managers, general body and teachers will be responsible that all the directives are adhered to.

  • The Madarsa which disaffiliates itself from Tanzeemul Makatib will be liable to pay back all the amounts of aid.

Method of Affiliation :

Application for affiliation must be submitted on the printed form prescribed by Tanzeemul Madaris. Following details should accompany the application :-

  • List of members of Managing Committee- Manager, Vice-Manager, Auditor

  • List of members of general body with amounts of their respective donations

  • Average Monthly Income and amount Present currently

  • Name of teachers with details (age, educational qualification, salary and experience)

  • Number of students per class (at least 15 must be enrolled)

  • Name of nearest locality and its distance from Madarsa

  • Details of route to reach your locality

  • Nearest railway station where parcel could be sent

  • Nearest bank and its address where Madaris account can be opened

  • Population details of Momineen

  • Number of people who give Rukum-e-Shariah

  • Number of people who require Religious Education

Upon receiving application form an Inspector will verify all the details and on basis of his report, decision of grant will be taken.

Management : The management will consist of general body and managing committee. It will be responsible for all matters related to management and expenditure of Madarsa.

General Body : Every general special life member and Patron will be part of general body.

Management Committee : It Will Consist of 5 Members for 1 Year duration.It’s office bearers are :-




Maintenance of Records : Following Registers and files need to be recorded and maintained up to date :

  • Register of members of general body

  • Register of proceedings of meetings

  • Cash book

  • Salary Register

  • Manager Order Register

  • Register of Attendance of Teachers and Students

  • Examination Register

  • Register of admission and discharge

Files :

  • Guard file for vouchers

  • Application and letter file

  • Inspection File

  • Leave of Teachers

Finance : The Source of Income for Madarsa Could be from Following :

  • Central Aid

  • Relief allowance

  • Aid from Government

  • Local Income

  • Self sufficiency of Makatb

Building : The Building of The Madarsa should be selected keeping in view the strength of students , number of classes and climate.

Teachers : The Appointment of teachers would be temporary and manager will have to take permission for permanent appointment.

Education Qualification of Teacher : He/She must have command over Madarsa Syllabus.

For More Details Kindly Go Through the Rules & Regulation Booklet. You Can Download it From The Links Mentioned Below in Your Desired Language :


  • Section Incharge : +91-8090065982

  • Book Section :+91-9044065985

  • Account Section : +91-8799502828

  • Aid & Relief Section : 0522-4080918