1. The great effort of Dawat o Tabligh has always been done under direct supervision and control of the Pious and knowledgeable Ulema.
2. The Blessed work of Dawat o Tabligh is always being done primarily with intention of own correction and Islah.
3. The Basic ambit of the work of Dawat o Tabligh has been to inculcate in life the six chosen qualities of Sahaba Karam.
4. In this Great Movement of Dawah o Tabligh always has been appreciation admiration and respect for all other of Deen and all people of capabilities.
5. This work of Dawat o Tabligh has been free from criticizing others, or competing or negating others.
6. There is no high claims and Exaggeration (Dawe and Gulu) in the work rather middle and inclusive attitude has been.
7. The work has been free from Groupism, Secterianism and Taassub.
8. Through the work of Dawah always emphasis has been on establishment of Islamic Society.
9. The Preservation of the Manhaj of Dawah has always been by the Taqwa piety of the workers (Daee’s).

10. In the work of Dawah always the collective conscience of Ummah has been preferred over any individual Opinions.