Madarsa Abu Talib

Forming a virtuous society is impossible without religious education and training. The religious guides have given immense importance to youth and women in this regards. There is in hadith of the Prophet, what will it be when youth and women go astray. So in order to make youth and girls acquainted with the Islamic studies, a chain of 'Madaris-e-Abu Talib (a.s) and Madaris-e-Khadeejatul Kubra (a.s) has been started so that young boys and girls might get middle level Islamic education along with the contemporary education.

A two-year religious sense developing course comprising Islamic jurisprudence, Beliefs, History, Seerat, (Arabic) Phonetic, Qir'at   (Recitation),Morals, Tradition, General acquaintance with Islamic studies and practical problems has been designed.


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