What Is Maktab ?

The greatest service of the organization was and is still today Imamia Maktabs. From Bengal to Kashmir, in 17 provinces, where there are momineen, 994 maktabs are running with 45948 students & 1722 teachers.

  1. A course of 17 books comprising the Holy Quran, theology primers and Urdu are being taught in the Maktabs. The theology (Deeniyat) primers have been published in Urdu, Hindi, English, Gujarati and Bengali. These are used in home education also besides in maktabs.
  2. The syllabus of Tanzeemul Makatib is India's only balanced one that is followed and prevalent not only in India but throughout the world.
  3. To supervise financial and educational affairs of Maktabs are currently 19 appointed Inspectors who tour and visit and monitor these Maktabs throughout the year.
  4. There are 20 Inspectors currently engaged in service. They have carried out 4989 inspections from April 2017 to Sept 2018.
  5. The examination of every student in all the maktabs is taken by examiner from the centre.

The average participation and pass percentage in 2011 is as follows:

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