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Organisation History

There are three institutions,home,school and environment of society,which are responsible for building of character and personality.A child whatever he learns,either learns at home, schoolor form the environment surrounding the society if there is no religious  atmostphere of religious education at home, the environment is un-islamic , the course being taught in schools consisting of wordly affairs only and there is no character building  and no idea about the world to come then a child instead of become such a marching of earning  wealth which revolves around desires.

In india the Shias were passing through such atmosphere for long years.At homes, the last destination in western system of education, was recitation of Quran only.The environment was fully supressed  by un-islamic thinking  and actions.The Schools and colleges were the centres of propagation of un-islamic and worldly teachings. The intellectuals of the community who considered polytheism as aim of life,were pleading  for Marx and Haigal.

There were a few Arabic schools in the  country but their number was too small.The ulema of future who obtained education in these madaris under troublesome and difficult conditions, had considerd their  future as dark. They had limited their performances onlt up to conducting Nikah,funeral prayers, Nazar, Fateha etc. “Amir-Bil-Maroof ’’ and “Nahi-Anil-Munkar” which are obligatory and the creation of religious sence and feeling amongv the community, were considered to be over-stepping the limits. The numbers of such ulema was much less and momineen in bastis used to take the advantage of Tohfatul Awam. This state of affairs continued to remain in existence for long.Then there was an attack by a new calamity in the shape of divison of the country.Majority of ulema migrated from india. The business men and intellectuals thus become victims of confusion, fear and uncertainty.On the other hand religion was treated as crime. Keeping no connection with religion,was not only the necessity in politics but had become a fashion. Thereafter there was third misfortune in the shape of oblition of zamindar which made the community victim of poverty.This proved as the last nail in the coffin.

This was the time and turning point in the history when the Founder of the Tanzeemul  Khateeb-e-Azam Late Moulana Seyd Gulam Askari (PBUH) come forward and unfurled the flag of religious movement. This was the reason that the Founder of the Tanzeem, had devoted his whole life with all his capacity and capability for preliminary religious education for children. In the beginning he started this work. alone and opened sixty schools in various bastits of momineen. As there was no proper management,the schools used to be closed down.Finally he decided to begin this work on all india basis in the shape of a movement. The makatib (school) all should be organised and the momineen who are scattered all over the country should be put together through such an institution which should be attached to a centre. This movement become a religious movement (Tahreek-e-Deendari). Finally he gave it the name of Tanzeemul Makatib. By the grace of Allah it has now spread not all over the country  but its existence can be felt abroad.

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11/8/1968 : Inception Of Tanzeemul Makatib
1969 : Inception Of Imamia Curriculum
1970 : 1st Deeni Conference
1972 : Inception of Gujrati Deeniyat
1973 : 1st Training
1975 : Inception Of Makatib In South India
1976 : Starting Makatib For Girls
1977  : Inception of Corrospondence Course
1978 : Inception Of Hindi Deeniyat
1979 : Starting Provident Fund
1980 : Inception of Bangali Deeniyat
1981 : Inception Of Adult's Deeniyat
1982 : Inception of Urdu Magazine
1st Ladies Traing Camp
1983 : Purchase Of Building For Head Office
1985 : Inception Of Jamia Imamia,

Inception Of Jamia Askariya,

Demise Of The Founder 09/05/1985
1986 : Inception Of Primary School
1989 : Purchase of Land For Jamia -e-imamia Building 
1990 : Purchase of Land for Tanzeem Complex
1992 : Starting of Reief Allowance, Inception Of English Deeniyat
1994 : 1st Shia Diary of India
1996 : Jamia Askaria Building,
Starting Performance Allowance
1998 : Inception Of Darul Quran
2000 : Red Gate Deed
2001 : Inception of Computer Training Centre
2003 : Inception of Hindi Magazine
2004 : Purchase Of Red Gate Building 
2006 : Inception Of Khadeejatul Kubra Makatib
2008 : Begning of Ainullah Eye Clinic
2010 : Launch Of Zainabiya Health Centre
2012 :  Starting Ambulance Services
2015 :  Launch Of ZPC General OPD