The Primary (Contemporary) Education

At  the time of the foundation of Tanzeemul Makatib (1968),there was need of school as well as well as Maktab, but it was impossible for anyone to fulfil all these needs. There is no need to say that the most important need is given preference when there are many needs and fulfilling all the need is not possible. That is why the movement for Tanzeemul Makatib was launched, with a target of establishing 1000 Maktab. Thanks God, the mission got success. There are 1121 Maktab running today. Today we ,even on search, do not find a place in need of a Maktab and not having it. Our movement is victim of failure to some extent in cities. It is mainly because of the urban people’s less interest in religious education, They are not worried of their children’s religious education, otherwise Maktab can be opened in each and every Mohallah as the organization is ready (to open) it all the moment.

The number of Maktab has alhamdu lillah crossed 1000.There is need to change the makatibs into schools-cum-Maktab. The movement for setting up school-cum-Maktab was started in 1984. In 28years. We got only partial success  because substantial money (millions of rupees) is required for setting up and managing a school. A school I cannot be started without building, furniture etc. Then it required heavy expenditure for its maintenance and its running while a Maktab can be started in a masjid or in an Imambada. God willing. More  co-operation and help we get from the community, the  faster will be its progress. Our best endeavour is that not a single boy in whatever corner of country he lives is left illiterate. At present there are three types of schools as follows. This explanation was necessary because the people against the organization have given this negative massage to the supported that there is no progressivism in the nature of Tanzeemul Makatib which is not attentive to the modern education, though it is just a false allegation. The standard of English and Computer Education in our Jameas bears testimony to that our eyes are focused on future and the future’s demand is that every child gets modern education as well as religious education so that he may get success in the world and Hereafter.

  1. The Maktab imparting complete course of contemporary education along with religious one.

There are 15 primary schools,1 high school and 2 inter colleges which were started as Maktab and with nice management and with the co-operation and supervision by the organization have reaches to this stage. In such schools 160 teachers are teaching 3707 Students.

  1. The Maktab where partial contemporary curriculum (Math, English &Hindi) is taught along with religious education, so that the boys after completing Maktab education may take admission in class 6 in to general schools. There are 9 schools of this type, where 671 students are taught by 27 teachers.

3.There are some private schools falling under the guidance of organization .There are 11 schools falling under the category where 733 students are taught by 31 teachers.