Refresher Course for Pesh Namaz (Prayer Leaders)

There are about 283 maktabs under Tanzeemul Makatib where Pesh Namaz are serving. Keeping their scholarly needs in view, the course has been started so that those serving in remote places are not left deprived of latest books and other means of increasing and refreshing the knowledge.

Through this educational camp, the latest religious educational and training material is made available to the religious scholars and preaches. They are also made acquainted with the latest method of education and training at Hauza-e-Ilmia, Qum, (Iran).

A total of 64 has attended the course so far, 48 out of them have been successful.

The Refresher course comprises significant problems like Quranics, Belief, Commandments, Ethics, History, Holy Biographies, Islamic studies, Ijtehad & Taqleed.

Apply For Pesh Namaz Course

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