Our Religious tours mean touring the bastis of Momineen without any invitation from them and carrying out the responsibility of Amr-Bil-Maroof and Nahi-Anil-Munker. These tours were introduced by the Founder of the Tanzeem and he had toured different places in the country along with his Colleagues.
The shape of these tours is that the servants of the Tanzeem select a certain part of basties and go there. On arrival in any basti. they arrange for a majlis in some mosque or Imam bara. They collect the Momineen and tell them about the requirements of the religion through speeches. They solve the local problems and try to start a Maktab where there is none. They also help in solving the problems of the community as for as possible.
This touring system is still in progress and probably there is no place left where the preaches from Tanzeem have not gone.

Reformative Tours

Propagational Tours

The foundation for the noble task was laid by our late founder only. A delegation comprising a few ulema and preachers is sent to Shia localities to take up duty of preaching and propagating them and to attend their religious and cultural needs. The members of the organization do not show slackness in this regard.

Generally the propagational tour is made to the places in the neighbourhood of the venues of educational conferences. During 2009 to 2012, most Shia localities of District Bijnour (Jogipura, Nehtour, Karauda, Petan Heri, Nagina, Shamspur Khorepura, Pedi, Sirdhani, Kotwali, Jatpura, Shamiwala, Rasoolpur Aeemma, Milak Jahangirabad, Dham pur, Bud Pur Sadat, Salar Pur Shafqatpur, Saidpura, Jhalo, Chajjopura, Munda Khera Dhaki, Jalpur, Saidpuri, Fazalpur, Meman Sadat, Bhadela, Husain  pur) Dist. Barabani, Dist. Jaunpur, Dist. Kargil (Batalik, Gurgurdo, Silmu lakha, Silmu, Groung) Raipur, Kampti, New Kampti, Nagpur, Ali Naqi Palam, Chota naqsha, Rai peth Chinnai, Husalli Kapal, Maisoor, Nelsandra, Abbas Nagar Ganga Dhar Chittor, Virka Nillor, Bala Gangana palli Chittor, Kanika Puram, Owalkundda, Baqrabad pusmatoor Vailoor, Turpari Vailoor, Big Alipura Vailoor, Dongri (Imam Bara Road), Bandra, Maloni, Yogeshwari, Viman Nagar Pune, Kurla, Saki Naka, Machgaon, Lotus Colony Goendi, Shivaji nagar, Meera Road, Bhewandi, Fayang, Thisey, Shah, Shama, Alchidoom, Dist. Leyh Sharghol Balakh Kargil, Karcheykhar, Sangrong, Ralpu, Barto, Pankbar, Parchit Pato, Purkichey, Lababs Shambit, Theela, Shagandi, Bemapato, Dist. Kargil, Purey Basti, Amhat, Bhaee, Turabkhani, Khairabad, Chuneyha, Manihar Pur, Shekhpura, Suraouli, Ali Garh, Bhanauli, Dist. Sultanpur were covered  under such tours.

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