To improve on the teaching ability of mudarrises (maktab teachers) and to attend to the fresh demand of good teachers, teachers training programme is continued. In different parts of the country wherever the need arises and whenever it is possible, training centres are set p. So far, 1659 teachers participated in the training programme and 821 of them have successfully completed the training. The expenditure is fully borne by the organization. A new course comprising Islamic commandments, Islamic ethics, Belief, Seerat besides education has been designed. People of Iman can also get benefit from it.

Women teachers training was started on the line of male teachers training so that maktabs may have better teaching staff. So far 490 women teachers have attended the training whilw 144 of them have successfully completed it. These lady teachers are given training in both women’s training camp and also the teachers training course.

During the period from 2009 to 2012. Such training have been held various times at Bamma, Sringar. About 225 lacy teachers attended the same.

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